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Finally we managed to get SEM images of Heliamoeba. What a beauty! More
This remarkable amoeba is a Leptomyxida species, Leptomyxa reticulata. In its flattened, reticulate form it can be up to 3 mm in size, looking like a myxomycete plasmodium. It is a common amoeba and can be easily found in soil. More
Lesquereusia is an amoeba that produces worm-like siliceous scales and uses them together with suitable debris like diatom frustules to produce a beautiful test. It uses a form of mesh-like organic cement to hold everything together. This image shows two Lesquereusia sp. just after the devision. More
Heliamoeba is a very slowly moving variosean amoeba. It can change its appearance to many different forms. Although it has filose-pseudopodia it is a member of Amoebozoa. More
Korotnevella is a genus of amoebae with finger-like pseudopods and boat-, basket- or sombrero-shaped micro-scales. This is an undescribed beautiful Korotnevella with basket-shaped micro-scales. More
Now we even have videos! Youtube is using too much compression so we decided to host our high resolution videos on Here we have an variosean amoeba moving too slow for our eyes to see. The video shows the movement in 450x time lapse! More