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The Fascinating World of Amoebae

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Floating amoebae are showing the most crazy forms. Vannellids can project "coiled" pseudopodia. More
Details of the test of Lesquereusia spiralis. Lesquereusia uses self build worm-shaped scales as well as diatom frustules to build its test. These elements are agglutinated with the help of organic cement. More
In case you were wondering which amoeba we used for our Christmas greetings, it was a small Cochliopodium. Sometimes they show these beautiful star-shaped pseudopodia. More
Rhizamoeba can present many different shapes. The locomotion-form resembles a limax-type amoeba while the resting stages produce the most crazy shapes. Her you see the star-shaped floating form. More
This is Heliomorpha, a bicilated heterotrophic Cercozoan. It can retract its axopodia and swim to better hunting grounds. More
This is Spumochlamys bryora, an amoeba with a flexible test. More
This amoeba sure knows a lot about geometry. It is Quadrulella variabilis which was described just this year. More